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Ricardo R. Gudwin


Av. Albert Einstein 400

13083852 Campinas - SP


Phone: +55-19-35213819
Fax: +55-19-35213845

Thanks to the support of University of Campinas, we are now providing FREE registration for authors presenting their work at the event. Accepted papers will receive instructions on how to obtain an Author Registration (you will need a special code given in your acceptance e-mail message).

Payment of regular registrations will be made available only during the event and should be made in cash. We are still under negotiation for the possibility of making registration free for everyone, but this should be defined in the next weeks. Anyway, MAKE YOUR REGISTRATION NOW using the site, so we can have an idea of how many people will attend. Depending on the number of attending people, your regular or student registration may be waived and in the case we are able to make it free, you will not need to pay anything during the event. But we need your registration made in order to evaluate that. In the case of any doubt, please contact us by e-mail:

Registration Types

Registration type Access Available From Available Until Access Expires Cost
Full Registration
Online 2009-07-02 2009-09-04 85.00 (BRL)
Student Registration
Online 2009-07-02 2009-09-04 45.00 (BRL)
Author Registration
This is a free registration for authors presenting their work at the conference
Online 2009-08-06 2009-09-04 0.00 (BRL)

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