Why and how does the use of cognitive technologies and artifacts (the objects we call 'mind tools') change cognition fundamentally? How these objects affect, and feed back into, cognitive processes? What can we learn about the evolution of mind by studying how it externalises itself? How the design of new cognitive technologies can benefit from these results ? How the many approaches and perspectives should converge in order to be integrated to explain the distributed an externalized nature of cognitive processes ? This conference is a place to explore the theme of cognitive technologies and artifacts, as well as the use of designed artifacts to maximize cognitive activities. The conference is a cross- disciplinary forum which brings together researchers and practitioners to discuss the nature and future of extended cognitive processes modeling and design.

In professional and disciplinary terms, the Conference traverse a broad sweep to construct a transdisciplinary dialogue which encompasses the perspectives of: cognitive science, artificial intelligence, artificial life, computational neuroscience, cognitive anthropology, design studies, linguistics, cognitive semiotics, cognitive aesthetics, arts, psychology, e-learning, neuroengineering, synthetic neurobiology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of technology.

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